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Dubai Shemale Guide

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About the city

Bangkok at night
Most populated city in United Emirates is Dubai that boasts of having the tallest building in the world "The Burj Khalifa" which is situated in downtown Dubai. Although Abu Dhabi is the financial capital of the UAE Dubai has a bigger population. The climate varies greatly from warm winters to scorching hot summers. On your bucket list should be to visit Sunset Beach and take a photo of the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel. Dubai is an internatonal city that attracts the most beautiful Shemale Escorts from all corners of the world. The most stunning

are the transexuals from Brazil, Venezuela and of course Colombia. Dubai also boasts the largest shopping mall in the world which is full of luxury brands that all the Shemales love to buy! If you are bored why not try the world's largest indoor ski slope situated in the Dubai Mall.

Streets & Red Light District

Dubai is a religious islamic counrtry, so unfortunately traditional red light areas are non existent. Also crime is very low in Dubai and compared to other 1st world countries in the world. Violent crimes very rarely occurs there. Its a very safe tourust destination. There is no street prostution in Dubai but you can find escorts in the local trendy nightclubs.

Brothels and Sex Clubs

There are no legal brothels or sex clubs in Dubai but you can find Shemale Escorts in Deira the old part of Dubai also Satwa, Marina and Dubai International airport.

Shemale Parties, Clubs & Bars

Night Clubs & Bars

There are no Shemale clubs and bars in Dubai but there are many popular nightclubs and bars where you can find escorts and Transexuals. Some of the best bars for action are Red Square Nightclub, Club Mint, Jules Bar and Club One Bar.

Shemale Escort Sites

Below are listed most popular escort sites in Dubai where you can find high class shemale escorts:

  • Dubai Escorts Dubai Escorts 24, in case you want something different and experience the most stunning women in the UAE.

Transgender Dating Sites

Shemale Forums

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